Proudly designed in Imperial inches and thousandth's of an inch . . . .

Valves:- Top sprung Monel Valves honed to 0.0002” 

(two-tenth's of a thou) on diameter.

Bore:- The diameter through the Valves is 0.430”.

Bell:- An impressive 7" diameter Bell and flair, with your choice of either with a Bell Rim or Rimless. The unique Copper/Zinc Alloy, Conical Bore Diameter increase, Bell Flair and End-diameter are inexorably linked to the Flugel’s exacting intonation in all registers and its much-acclaimed sound projection.

Trigger:- An adjustable 3rd Valve Trigger is fitted as standard.

Mouthpiece Shanks:- We supply two different Mouthpiece Shanks. One Large for USA, Japanese & Denis Wick "L" Mouthpieces and one Medium Shank for Denis Wick Mouthpieces without an "L" (2F, 3F & 4F) enabling you to use any make of 

mouthpiece you like with a Ray Farr Signature Flugel.

Waterkeys:- Main, 1st and 3rd lever Waterkeys fitted as standard.

Two Types of Finish:- Bright Silver Plate throughout or Bright Silver Plate Body with 24 Carat Gold Plated Trim on Valve Tops & Bottoms, Slide Bows, Finger Tops, Waterkeys, Screws, 3rd Valve Trigger Assembly and Shanks.

Case:- ProTec 301F Rigid Flugel Case with a separate Trumpet/Cornet compartment, space for four Mouthpieces plus two external zipped pouches for music and accessories. Side and top Handles plus a Shoulder Strap. 

The Case is the correct size for cabin baggage on all airlines 

and can be taken on-board.

Mouthpiece:- Not supplied; best to use your own as you know exactly how it performs.

Free Option:- Lyre Box

Engraving:- If you'd like any extra engraving 

this can be done at cost; please ask


Ray Farr Flugels have eighty-eight component parts and every part is guaranteed for Three Years from the date of your instrument purchase.

Also guaranteed for Three Years is the high-quality Craftsmanship and Plating - very few manufacturers offer a Three Year Plating and Lacquer guarantee.

All component parts are stocked at the workshop in quantity so if ever your Ray Farr Flugel is accidentally damaged, we can repair it and fit replacement parts within five working days of receiving your instrument.


in  Bright Silver Plate:-

Body and Bell in Bright Silver Plate throughout

RRP £2,790

30% 2018 Contest Season Discount £1,953

in  Bright Silver Plate & Gold Trim:-

Body and Bell in Bright Silver Plate with 24 Carat Gold plated Slide Bows, Valve Tops/Bottoms, Heavy Bottom Cap, Finger Tops, Waterkeys, Screws, 

3rd Valve Trigger Assembly and Two Shanks

RRP £2,790

30% 2018 Contest Season Discount £1,953 


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