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I’m Chris Waters, designer and brass musician through-and-through. Playing days started in the Eastney Modern School Band (Portsmouth), the Southsea Silver Prize Band (as was) and the inspirational National Youth Brass Band. I studied and worked as a mechanical engineer and became Senior Acoustic Engineer at the world-famous Goodmans Loudspeakers (Havant) before successfully running the Band Instrument Company, Gabriels Horn House.

In 2010, armed with this background and wealth of experience, Ray Farr and I started the Flugel re-design process on the basis the world didn’t need yet another good Flugel, it needed one that was revolutionary better, eradicating historic Flugel problems in the known areas of intonation, hard-blowing and sound projection.

Combining mine and Ray's amazing wealth experience and expertise, after much consultation, from an instrument that has basically remained the same for over 100 years, eventually our “Gem” was born and together we launched the Ray Farr Signature Flugelboth being very satisfied with the final design which had been applauded by many musicians who tested it for us over the months and customers worldwide over the years.

Even Chris Evans of BBC Radio 2 fame seems to like it!