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Ann Eagles on 07788 - 609978 

Ann has a wealth of brass band knowledge and experience, being a fine player herself so if you'd like to try one of our amazing Ray Farr Signature Flugels in the West on our without obligation Two Week Approval period, please give Ann a call and she'll arrange everything for you.

Announcing our beautiful new


in Clear Lacquer

To compliment the Ray Farr Signature Flugels in Bright Silver Plate here's our beautiful new for 2019 Flugel with a Rose Copper Bell hand-finished in Clear Lacquer with Nickel-silver Trim. 

All 2019 Models have our newly developed fully adjustable right-hand Little Finger Hook to give you the greatest of comfort.

You can book a 2 Week Approval anywhere in the UK, Europe or indeed the World - 

- we’re here to help and at the end of a ‘phone 

if you need us!

Zoe from Black Dyke . . . . "A very good instrument and a design. The intonation is the best that I have ever played, which I feel the other leading flugels haven’t mastered yet".

See and hear the Ray Farr Signature Flugel

played by Jack Deal and The Atlantic Brass Band (US 2017 National Champions) in an excerpt of Peter Graham's "Meditation" - stunning playing

 . . . . and hear the complete performance

conducted by Salvatore A. Scarpa with two of their star musicians JACK DEAL (Flugelhorn) and JOE SINO (Baritone) playing "Meditation" by Peter Graham on the Band’s latest CD "METROPOLIS".

A high quality CD well worthwhile 

adding to your collection

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We are honoured and privileged to have Jack as part of our worldwide 

Ray Farr Signature Flugel family, a family that stretches to the four corners of the globe.



Played throughout the World

Try one on 2 Weeks' Approval just to see for yourself 

- anywhere in the World


2019 Models come with silky-smooth Top Sprung Valves 

and finished in either . . . .


Bright Silver Plate with 24 Carat Gold Trim or

Bright Silver Plate throughout 



with a Rose Copper Bell and finished in Clear Lacquer 

with Nickel-silver Trim

All Flugels feature our newly developed Fully Adjustable Right-hand Little Finger Hook to give you, the most important person in all of this, the greatest of comfort.


Ray Farr Signature Flugels are available 

on Two Weeks' Approval on-line from this Website with the 30% Contest Season Discount by calling Chris on 07803 - 386550

or through one of our Worldwide Retail Outlets 

and  Sales Consultants shown on our CONTACT Page


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Chris Evans interviewing Chris Waters, the Ray Farr Flugel designer on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show last year.

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25% New Product Launch Discount 

through to 28th February 2017




To help create the best possible sounding Bell, the Ray Farr Signature Flugel Bell is Annealed to remove all the stresses and work-hardening that occurs during this very physical work, having been been hand-hammered and spun-formed on the mandrel. Here's how we do it . . . .

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Ray Farr Flugels have eighty-eight component parts and Every Part is Guaranteed for Three Years from the date of your instrument purchase. Also Guaranteed for Three Years is the high-quality Craftsmanship and Plating - very few manufacturers offer a Three Year Plating guarantee.


from Black Dyke

from an Article in 


25th May 2013

“The intonation is the best that I have ever played, which I feel the other leading Flugels haven’t mastered yet”

Black Dyke’s flugel horn player, Zoe Hancock, took time out of her busy pre-European rehearsal schedule to test the new Ray Farr Signature Flugel, and discovered an instrument with terrific intonation . . . . . . . .

It’s always exciting when a new flugel horn comes on the market. I first heard about the Ray Farr Signature Flugel when I was in America doing some guest soloist work in October. Unfortunately, I couldn’t answer any questions about the instrument because, at the time, I hadn’t seen or played it. I’ve had the instrument for three weeks now and have thoroughly enjoyed having a blow on this unique, redesigned flugel.


Flugel horns are probably the hardest instrument to get in tune, but I was very impressed by the intonation of this instrument, right from the bottom through to the top register.


In a brass band, the flugel horn is part of the horn section and it either doubles up with the solo horn, or is heard as the highest voice. Therefore, the tone of the flugel should be mellow and rich to match with the middle of the band. The Ray Farr Signature Flugel does have a good tone, especially in the lower and middle registers. Also, you can hear all the clarity coming through when double and triple tonguing or playing technical passages, unlike other flugels where sometimes it can get lost. It is remarkably free-blowing in the middle and lower registers.


The designer, Chris Waters, has changed the design of the instrument. The valve case is now the same side of the bell as a cornet.  The size of the bell is a lot larger than most flugel horns, which is great for amplifying the sound, and the valves are great too, really slick and fast.  The instrument is also Bell Stayless - a strong tapered ferrule enabling both ends of the main bow and bell to butt totally, proving the strongest of joints that enables forceful mute twisting insertion / withdrawal.


A very good instrument and a design.  The intonation is the best that I have ever played, which I feel the other leading flugels haven’t mastered yet.

from a review in The British Bandsman


. . . . with our Rose Copper Bell and Nickel-silver Trim:-

Body and Bell finished in Clear Lacquer with Nickel-plated Outer-slide Legs, Valve Tops/Bottoms,

Heavy Bottom Cap, Finger Tops, Waterkeys, Screws, 3rd Valve Trigger Assembly and Two Shanks RRP £2,790

30% 2019 Contest Season Discount £1,953


. . . . in Bright Silver Plate throughout:-

Body and Bell in Bright Silver Plate throughout RRP £2,790

30% 2019 Contest Season Discount £1,953


. . . . in Bright Silver Plate & Gold Trim:-

Body and Bell in Bright Silver Plate with 24 Carat Gold plated Slide Bows, Valve Tops/Bottoms, 

Heavy Bottom Cap, Finger Tops, Waterkeys, Screws, 3rd Valve Trigger Assembly and Two Shanks

RRP £2,790

30% 2019 Contest Season Discount £1,953

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Lazer Engraving & CNC Machining

Each instrument is Lazer Engraved

Welcome to the Ray Farr Flugels Website

Key design features are the specially designed Conical Flair and Diameter of the Bell, the unique Copper and Zinc alloy used in the Bell's manufacture with its Random Mass plus options of a Bell with a Rim or a Rimless Bell and finally its unique Minimal Bell-stay construction; an extremely strong construction allowing the Bell to resonate properly, giving the best sound and projection.

These very important features combine to produce this world class Flugel, which countless musicians from the four corners of the globe who've tried it and purchased consider it to be the best Flugel they've ever played. Us humans all built differently so we've designed the right-hand Finger hook to be fully adjustable in any direction for the most comfortable playing position.

None of this is Rocket Science! It’s simply good old fashioned engineering and acoustic common sense, allowing the Bell to do what bells should do – ring without restraint! If you were to restrict a church bell it would sound far duller than when ringing free.

Zoe from Black Dyke having tried the Flugel for several weeks said in a British Bandsman article about the Ray Farr Signature Flugel “The intonation is the best that I have ever played, which I feel the other leading Flugels haven’t mastered yet” and sums the instrument up, resulting in the success we’re having throughout the UK, Europe, the USA, Japan and being very much in demand in Norway.

Ray Farr Signature Flugel Horns are produced in Hampshire by Chris Waters (Designer and Lead Engineer) plus a small team of specialist engineers.  We’re responsible for component part making, machining, engraving, assembling, electro-plating, lacquering and detailed engineering and acoustic inspection at every stage. 

Finish options are Bright Silver Plate throughout or Bright Silver Plate with 24 Carat Gold Plated Trim on Valve Tops & Bottoms, Slides, Finger Tops, Waterkeys, Screws, 3rd Valve Trigger Assembly and Shanks, or our new for 2019 Rose Copper Bell Flugel finished in Clear Lacquer, with Nickel-silver trim.

We manufacture and sell Direct via this Website, or go to our CONTACT page for Sales Representatives in your area.

The lead-time to make a Flugel is currently about two weeks.

Would you like to try one? 
As we all know, the only way to really appraise an instrument is of course to try it in the environment which the player is familiar – home, band practice and concerts/gigs and contests. To make an instant decision at a Trade Stand after ten or fifteen minutes does not allow enough playing time to appreciate any instrument properly. 
Given the major advances in ease of blowing, exacting intonation and sound projection of the Ray Farr Flugel, two weeks' approval gives you the opportunity to establish its' true potential in band/ensemble and solo playing and it's why we offer two weeks' approval throughout the world. 
How to try a Ray Farr Flugel on Two Weeks' Approval 
Simply e-mail or 'phone to say you would like to try one and we build it to your specification of plating, or click Try a Flugel on 2 Weeks' Approval and book your without obligation approval there.

You pay a £700 deposit and we personally deliver the instrument to you so you can try it in all your playing environments for two weeks. If you like it, you then pay the balance and if not, simply return the instrument and we refund your £700 deposit. 
As an example, Douglas Berry of the New York Salvation Army Staff Band tried his Ray Farr Flugel this way and then purchased it.

Free delivery anywhere in the UK and throughout Europe is a big feature of our service, with just a £80 delivery cost for the rest of the World.  We’ve delivered throughout the UK, to Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Switzerland and as far as the USA, Australia and Japan.

Thanks for visiting. If you’d like to try a Ray Farr Signature Flugel, we'd be delighted to provide you with our fine service, worldwide. If you would like more information or to chat about the instruments, please do not hesitate to contact us; we’re here to help! If your call goes to messaging, we’ll call you back soonest.

Chris Waters (Designer & Lead Engineer)



Each Ray Farr Signature Flugel comes with a very protective GEWA Prestige Flugel Gigbag, finished in black Cordura with red trim, strong padded support for the Bell, soft handle, magnetic catch, wide shoulder strap, attached Accessory pocket, adjustable deluxe rucksack straps and a section for Music. 

It is the international standard 

acceptable size for taking on-board 

an aircraft as cabin baggage

so you don't have to put it in 

the hold and risk damage.

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