(Designed in Imperial inches and thousandth's of an inch!)

Valves:- Top sprung Monel Valves honed to 0.0002” on diameter.

Bore:- The diameter through the Valves is 0.430”.

Bell:- Large diameter Bell and your choice of either with a Bell Rim or Rimless. The unique Copper/Zinc Alloy, Conical Bore Diameter increase, Bell Flair and End-Diameter are inexorably linked to the Flugel’s exacting intonation in all registers 

and it’s very impressive projection of sound.

Trigger:- An adjustable 3rd Valve Trigger is fitted as standard.

Mouthpiece Shanks:- We supply two different Mouthpiece Shanks with Large (USA & Japanese) and Medium (UK) mouthpiece tapers, enabling you to use any make of mouthpiece you like.

Waterkeys:- Main, 1st and 3rd lever Waterkeys fitted as standard.

Finishes:- 24 Carat Gold Plate or Bright Silver Plate, with optional contrasting Finger Tops, Valve Tops/Bottoms, Trigger and Waterkeys. Our high quality electro-plating thickness is 24 microns for both gold and silver; double the industry standard.

Case:- ProTec 301F Rigid Flugel Case with a separate Trumpet/Cornet compartment, space for four Mouthpieces plus two external zipped pouches for music and accessories. Side and top Handles plus a Shoulder Strap. 

The Case is the correct size for cabin baggage on all airlines 

and can be taken on-board.

Mouthpiece:- Not supplied; best to use your own as you know exactly how it performs.

Options:- Lyre Box and Extra Engraving.

Trying one on Two Weeks' Approval:- We manufacture to order and either sell Direct from the Factory via this website or through the highly respected national retailers Band Supplies in Leeds and Glasgow.  

The lead-time to make a Flugel is currently about four weeks.


Bright Silver Plate:-

Body and Bell in Bright Silver Plate with 24 Carat Gold trim

RRP £2,790  

30% Winter Discount £1,953    

 Complete Instrument in 24 Carat Gold Plate:-

RRP £3,250 

30% Winter Discount £2,275   

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